Antique Gas Pumps and More: Part 2

On our way back from our buying trip to Bill’s, Lloyd took me through Bedford to show me a little Americana. I had heard of the Bedford, PA Coffee Pot, but finally got to see it.

coffee pot

The Coffee Pot was designed and built in 1927 by Bert Koontz on the west end of Bedford along the Lincoln Highway Route. He was trying to attract visitors to the adjacent gas station. The Coffee Pot originally served ice cream, hamburgers and Coca-Cola. It later became a regular stop for Greyhound bus passengers, as it was located next to the bus depot. The Coffee Pot was moved to it’s current location and restored by the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor in 2004 in an effort to preserve the historic attraction.

Just a block or two down the road, there is a pretty old art-deco style gas station.

deco gas station

We began our two-day trip in Lloyd’s pickup. A four-hour round trip is a piece of cake in his upgraded Chevy Silverado. I had never really appreciated the comfort of that truck, with its heated, reclining leather seats and XM radio, until we returned to Hagerstown that day. The Chevy was full and we needed to leave it at the warehouse to be unloaded. For the first time, Lloyd was going to take his new Isuzu box truck out for a spin. The 2013 Chicagoland show is coming up soon and Lloyd plans to drive it up fully loaded with deliveries, so he needed to get comfortable driving the new truck.

I asked Dominic what he thought of the truck, having taken it out already. “It’s a work truck,” he said. “You can’t relax in it. You’ll see.” Continue reading

Been Away a While

I haven’t posted for a long time. Some of my readers have wondered why I stopped and have asked for more stories. I love to write, but I stopped. I also paint in oil and watercolor, and I stopped that too. I stopped volunteering in my granddaughters first grade class, even though I adored it. The reason I stopped all of the things that I loved was that my mother was diagnosed with ALS in September of 2012 and went downhill very fast. She was only 73 and had been healthy and active until last summer. I lost her on April 20th, 2013. Continue reading

Antique Gas Pumps and More: Part 1

It was a week after our trip to Niagara Falls. My husband was ready to hit the road again. He planned to buy a few items from an extensive collection in Pennsylvania. I thought it would be interesting to see, so decided to ride along.  With so many places to go in that area, we planned for a two-day trip again.

We stopped at the Hagerstown warehouse first, to make sure everything was going smoothly with the loading of a sea container. From there we drove to our first stop, about 2 hours up the road.

Lloyd was after some pinballs to buy. The games were stored in a building that was originally built by the owner for his business, but now was a home for his collection. Lloyd worked out a deal with our host, Bill, for 3 Gottlieb wedgehead pinballs, a Captain Fantastic Pinball and a Golden Eye pin.pins Continue reading

The Home of the Wurlitzer

On Tuesday evening, 2 weeks ago, Lloyd was working the computer trying to find something to buy while I relaxed with a good T.V. show. He walked into our family room and announced that he had found a Wurlitzer Auto Phonograph cabinet for $100.00. He had never heard of an Auto Phonograph, so he called the seller up to ask for more details. When the seller described the cabinet as having red plastics, Lloyd thought perhaps it was a Wurlitzer 61 cabinet, which would not have been worth the trip, but he asked the seller to text him a photo anyway.  To Lloyd’s surprise, it was a Wurlitzer 71 jukebox cabinet. He said that the machine was worth a couple thousand dollars so it was a great find.

wurlitzer 71

Lloyd knew that if he didn’t go get it fast, someone else would get it. Ben was already in North Carolina doing pickups and deliveries, but the Wurlitzer was in North Tonawanda, New York. That is about seven and a half hours drive from our home. Dominic was willing to make the drive, but when Lloyd told me it was only about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, I said, “Let’s go! I’ve never been to Niagara Falls and it’s on my list!”

Lloyd agreed that it would be fun to go on the road together for this one, so we packed for one night away and set out the next morning.
Continue reading

Picking Charlotte

A few months ago, Lloyd got a tip about a warehouse in Charlotte that was used years ago by Kostakes Novelty Company. The operator was no longer living and the building had been unused for many years. A tiny place in comparison to the modern buildings surrounding it, the owner had a contract to sell the land with plans to tear down the building for redevelopment. The contents were available for sale. Continue reading

The Rooster and the Rat

“There are too many places to go!” Lloyd complained as he looked at the long list he had just completed. He sat at our kitchen table, writing the name of each item that he had purchased that needed to be picked up and the name of each item sold that was awaiting delivery.

“I can’t send Ben on all of these trips. I’ll wear him out, and he is already running the roads hard as it is. Dominic only wants to drive locally, and Chase needs to be home for his daughters,” he explained to me. “Do you feel like going on the road with me?” he asked. Continue reading

Collecting Antique Match Vendors

One of our friends, Curtis, recently had a beautiful collection consigned to him and we were excited to pay him a visit to see it. This collection was unusual because it contained many match vending machines, including many that we have not seen before.

Curtis Kaufman began collecting antiques in 1989. When he was unable to find anyone to restore some of his collectibles, he began to teach himself how to do his own restorations. Continue reading

Chicagoland Show 2012

Wednesday, November 7

The Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot-Machine and Jukebox Show in St.Charles, Illinois is a bi-annual event and Coinopwarehouse has been present for it as long as I have known Lloyd. In fact, Lloyd has been coming to the show for about 20 years.

This year, Ben and Amanda left in one truck, pulling a trailer full of equipment to deliver at the show and also along the way. Lloyd and I left in another truck. The plan was to leave on Wednesday morning and make a leisurely trip out of the 12-hour ride. Then, a call came on Tuesday that a forty-foot sea container needed to be loaded on Wednesday for France, and that took all day, so none of us were able to leave until nearly 5:00 pm on Wednesday. Continue reading

A Parzow Auction and an MAMOA Fundraiser

A busy Saturday that is all about Coinopwarehouse is not so bad when it is a family event, and includes the chance to see friends.

November 3 was gray, cold and windy. Really, the kind of day that most would rather sleep in late, light a fire and snuggle up on the couch with a good book or movie. Well, not for us today. Lloyd had put through 15 items in the Parzow auction for sale and wanted to bid on some Coke posters that were going to be for sale, so he headed up early to the Frederick County Fairgrounds. Continue reading

In the Path of the Storm

The trees are swaying in the wind, the rain blows sideways onto our windows and water is standing in the street outside. Schools are closed, public transportation has come to a halt, and the governor of Maryland speaks to us on the television, telling everyone to stay indoors for the next 24 to 36 hours. Hurricane Sandy is heading our way. The newscasters call her  a “Frankenstorm” and the “Storm of the Century” .

In spite of all that, my husband and his crew are still working. Lloyd is working from our home office, staying off the road at my request, though he is itching to be at work. Amanda is home with us as well. Ben, Chase and Dominic are at the warehouse and have been hard at work today, preparing for any ill effects of this storm. Continue reading