In the Path of the Storm

The trees are swaying in the wind, the rain blows sideways onto our windows and water is standing in the street outside. Schools are closed, public transportation has come to a halt, and the governor of Maryland speaks to us on the television, telling everyone to stay indoors for the next 24 to 36 hours. Hurricane Sandy is heading our way. The newscasters call her  a “Frankenstorm” and the “Storm of the Century” .

In spite of all that, my husband and his crew are still working. Lloyd is working from our home office, staying off the road at my request, though he is itching to be at work. Amanda is home with us as well. Ben, Chase and Dominic are at the warehouse and have been hard at work today, preparing for any ill effects of this storm. Continue reading

What Lies Within

Recently, Ben visited an old operator near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to pick some fresh merch for Coinopwarehouse. He filled his trailer with a variety of items that included Top Gun Challenge Dart Games, Victor Baby Grand Gumballs machines, some video games, some bowlers, and two Chexx Hockey games.

In addition to all of these, he purchased twenty five 1956 Oak Premiere 2 cent gumball and card vendor machines. A machine like these sold recently at auction for over $500, and Lloyd was selling these on his Facebook page for a bargain at $250. These machines were used in the 1950’s and 1960’s to sell gumballs and whatever trading cards the vendor happened to have on hand. Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action!

A few weeks ago, Lloyd was contacted by the Set Decorator for an independent feature film called Ping Pong Summer. His name was Joey and he needed some video games and pinballs for an arcade scene in the movie. Lloyd was happy to rent a truck load of equipment to Joey. Not long after, Joey arrived to pick up the games to take back to his art department warehouse.

I thought, “How cool is that?!” I’ve never seen a movie filmed before!  So I asked Lloyd if he would find out if it would be okay to come and watch filming one day. Lloyd agreed to make the inquiry, and learned that it would be fine. I was given Joey’s number to get the location of the set and the time to arrive for the arcade scenes. Continue reading

The White Rose Gameroom Show 2012

Our truck was loaded for deliveries to York, Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. The plan was to meet some of our regular customers who would be at the York Fairgrounds for The  White Rose Gameroom Show. We would transfer our items to their trucks and make a few pickups as well. We had two jukeboxes in the bed and a neon sign in the backseat.

As we made our way to York, everything seemed familiar. After a trip to visit Larry Garland at Flash&Trash Amusements a week ago and a visit to Hershey, PA for the car show on Friday, I was beginning to recognize the landmarks. The orchards were ripe for apple picking and pumpkins were all on display as we are getting closer to Halloween. Lloyd’s word for the day was “bucolic” and he was inserting it into our conversation as often as possible, with a grin, to get a reaction from me. In fact, it did fit the scenery around us as we drove up to York. Continue reading

Antique Cars and Coinop Go Together: Hershey 2012

Lloyd loves antique cars. Well, really, who doesn’t? Unlike most of us, though, Lloyd started buying antique cars before he was even old enough to drive! He worked before and after school for the private school that his parents had founded, cleaning school buses, putting gas into them, emptying trash cans and even writing checks to pay the milk bill for the school. Continue reading

Picking Chowan Beach

One day, back in the 1980’s, Lloyd was picking South Hill Music for pinball machines in South Hill, Virginia. While there, Tom Stanley told Lloyd that if he wanted to find a good load of jukeboxes he should see Sam Pillmon of Ahoskie, North Carolina. Tom told Lloyd that Sam had a building full of old jukeboxes. This old brick warehouse had once been a casket factory. Continue reading

Scary Big Larry – Featured Collector/Dealer

Several years ago, I was at the Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot-Machine, & Jukebox Show with Lloyd. He said to me, “There’s Scary Big Larry. You should meet him!” I asked, “Who!?”

Yep! “Big Larry” was a nickname given to him by his boss when he was driving tractor trailers and somewhere along the way, the “Scary” was added on by someone. Maybe it was the tattooed arms, and shaved head…, I don’t know. I don’t think he’s scary, just cool.

A fiction writer could not make up a character like Larry Garland of Flash &Trash Antique Amusements. Once, Larry was a bike riding member of the rock band Cry Tough, that opened for Aerosmith at one time.  Continue reading