Chicagoland Show 2012

Wednesday, November 7

The Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot-Machine and Jukebox Show in St.Charles, Illinois is a bi-annual event and Coinopwarehouse has been present for it as long as I have known Lloyd. In fact, Lloyd has been coming to the show for about 20 years.

This year, Ben and Amanda left in one truck, pulling a trailer full of equipment to deliver at the show and also along the way. Lloyd and I left in another truck. The plan was to leave on Wednesday morning and make a leisurely trip out of the 12-hour ride. Then, a call came on Tuesday that a forty-foot sea container needed to be loaded on Wednesday for France, and that took all day, so none of us were able to leave until nearly 5:00 pm on Wednesday. Continue reading

A Parzow Auction and an MAMOA Fundraiser

A busy Saturday that is all about Coinopwarehouse is not so bad when it is a family event, and includes the chance to see friends.

November 3 was gray, cold and windy. Really, the kind of day that most would rather sleep in late, light a fire and snuggle up on the couch with a good book or movie. Well, not for us today. Lloyd had put through 15 items in the Parzow auction for sale and wanted to bid on some Coke posters that were going to be for sale, so he headed up early to the Frederick County Fairgrounds. Continue reading