Picking Charlotte

A few months ago, Lloyd got a tip about a warehouse in Charlotte that was used years ago by Kostakes Novelty Company. The operator was no longer living and the building had been unused for many years. A tiny place in comparison to the modern buildings surrounding it, the owner had a contract to sell the land with plans to tear down the building for redevelopment. The contents were available for sale. Continue reading

The Rooster and the Rat

“There are too many places to go!” Lloyd complained as he looked at the long list he had just completed. He sat at our kitchen table, writing the name of each item that he had purchased that needed to be picked up and the name of each item sold that was awaiting delivery.

“I can’t send Ben on all of these trips. I’ll wear him out, and he is already running the roads hard as it is. Dominic only wants to drive locally, and Chase needs to be home for his daughters,” he explained to me. “Do you feel like going on the road with me?” he asked. Continue reading

Collecting Antique Match Vendors

One of our friends, Curtis, recently had a beautiful collection consigned to him and we were excited to pay him a visit to see it. This collection was unusual because it contained many match vending machines, including many that we have not seen before.

Curtis Kaufman began collecting antiques in 1989. When he was unable to find anyone to restore some of his collectibles, he began to teach himself how to do his own restorations. Continue reading