New Faces and Old

For the volume of sales that we do at Coinopwarehouse, you would think that there are a lot of people behind the scenes. That could not be further from the truth!

We have had lots of changes to the team that makes up Coinopwarehouse over the past five years. The core of the company is Lloyd Thoburn and his son Benjamin. Lloyd started the business and his son, Ben, grew up loving coinop, playing in the jukeboxes at his father’s shop, and collecting wallboxes. He has been learning about coinop since he was 4 years old. I don’t think he can imagine doing anything else.

Ben Thoburn and Amanda Thoburn

Ben Thoburn and his sister Amanda Thoburn

When we moved from leased space in Gaithersburg to our own buidling in Hagerstown, Dominic came with us as a warehouse manager. He also made some short deliveries and pickups of equipment. He has moved on to other opportunities.

Dan was hired after Dominic left the company to help in the warehouse and with deliveries. After a year or so, Dan left us to experience life on the West Coast for a little while. Now he is back with us and part of the team! Dan enjoys showing our guests around the warehouse and helping them find what they need.

Amanda, Lloyd’s youngest daughter, was here for a couple of years. Amanda started out doing Ebay listings and social media for the company. As time passed, she learned to handle shipping documentation for sea containers, ordering company supplies and taking care of back office matters to assist Lloyd. In addition, she learned how to put on an online auction for our company with Live Auctioneers. Her first effort at this was very successful for us. We plan to have more auctions online and possibly with a live audience in the near future.

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