Hi! My name is Sheree Thoburn. My husband, Lloyd, has been a picker for more than 30 years.

Our family business is called Coinopwarehouse, located in Hagerstown, MD on West Antietam St. We sell jukeboxes, pinball machines, video games, kiddie rides, antique advertising, arcade equipment and anything else that Lloyd finds interesting. We are wholesale dealers, so everything is for sale as-is, with no service or warranties. Our target customers are dealers who will restore the equipment and market it to end users, or collectors who restore the equipment as a hobby. Currently, the Coinopwarehouse team consists of Lloyd, his son Ben Thoburn- purchasing manager, his daughter Amanda Thoburn- marketing manager, and Dominic- our warehouse manager and sometimes driver.

To follow our new inventory each day visit our company at http://www.facebook.com/coinopwarehouse or come see us,
Monday – Fri-9:30 am- 5:30 pm or by appointment.
I have been beside Lloyd every step of the way for the past ten years as our business has grown.
This is the back story and the inside scoop on collectors, collectibles, the dealers and the action. The best stories are the ones I CAN’T tell!
If you have questions, would like to share your picking experience, your personal collection, or want to suggest topics for future posts, contact Lloyd by writing Lloyd@coinopwarehouse.com . He will forward your emails to me.
If you want to share your collections, be sure to attach photos! Unfortunately, I have had to block comments for the time being because of a flood of spam. I hope to open comments back up in the future.

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  1. Just found your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I went to your warehouse last week and bought one of the small kiddieland rockets. I’m retiring soon and moving from Chantilly, VA back to Canfield, OH (near Youngstown). I’m opening a mini museum dedicated to an amusement park that “lived” almost 100 years in Youngstown – Idora Park. I’ve located quite a few pieces of rides that were actually at Idora Park and I also collect parts of rides that are identical to the rides from Idora Park – hence the red kiddieland rocket. Idora had those. Would you please keep an eye out for other ride parts? I sent a list to Amanda yesterday. I’m looking for single cars/cages/seats/compartments of rides – the “thing” that the passenger occupied, but not an entire ride. Thanks – I’m done working for a living and I plan to be doing a lot of traveling around the country in retirement, so I can even pick-up items that you might find elsewhere. I hope we can do more business soon.

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