The White Rose Gameroom Show 2012

Our truck was loaded for deliveries to York, Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. The plan was to meet some of our regular customers who would be at the York Fairgrounds for The  White Rose Gameroom Show. We would transfer our items to their trucks and make a few pickups as well. We had two jukeboxes in the bed and a neon sign in the backseat.

As we made our way to York, everything seemed familiar. After a trip to visit Larry Garland at Flash&Trash Amusements a week ago and a visit to Hershey, PA for the car show on Friday, I was beginning to recognize the landmarks. The orchards were ripe for apple picking and pumpkins were all on display as we are getting closer to Halloween. Lloyd’s word for the day was “bucolic” and he was inserting it into our conversation as often as possible, with a grin, to get a reaction from me. In fact, it did fit the scenery around us as we drove up to York. Continue reading