Antique Gas Pumps and More: Part 2

On our way back from our buying trip to Bill’s, Lloyd took me through Bedford to show me a little Americana. I had heard of the Bedford, PA Coffee Pot, but finally got to see it.

coffee pot

The Coffee Pot was designed and built in 1927 by Bert Koontz on the west end of Bedford along the Lincoln Highway Route. He was trying to attract visitors to the adjacent gas station. The Coffee Pot originally served ice cream, hamburgers and Coca-Cola. It later became a regular stop for Greyhound bus passengers, as it was located next to the bus depot. The Coffee Pot was moved to it’s current location and restored by the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor in 2004 in an effort to preserve the historic attraction.

Just a block or two down the road, there is a pretty old art-deco style gas station.

deco gas station

We began our two-day trip in Lloyd’s pickup. A four-hour round trip is a piece of cake in his upgraded Chevy Silverado. I had never really appreciated the comfort of that truck, with its heated, reclining leather seats and XM radio, until we returned to Hagerstown that day. The Chevy was full and we needed to leave it at the warehouse to be unloaded. For the first time, Lloyd was going to take his new Isuzu box truck out for a spin. The 2013 Chicagoland show is coming up soon and Lloyd plans to drive it up fully loaded with deliveries, so he needed to get comfortable driving the new truck.

I asked Dominic what he thought of the truck, having taken it out already. “It’s a work truck,” he said. “You can’t relax in it. You’ll see.” Continue reading