Antique Gas Pumps and More: Part 1

It was a week after our trip to Niagara Falls. My husband was ready to hit the road again. He planned to buy a few items from an extensive collection in Pennsylvania. I thought it would be interesting to see, so decided to ride along.  With so many places to go in that area, we planned for a two-day trip again.

We stopped at the Hagerstown warehouse first, to make sure everything was going smoothly with the loading of a sea container. From there we drove to our first stop, about 2 hours up the road.

Lloyd was after some pinballs to buy. The games were stored in a building that was originally built by the owner for his business, but now was a home for his collection. Lloyd worked out a deal with our host, Bill, for 3 Gottlieb wedgehead pinballs, a Captain Fantastic Pinball and a Golden Eye pin.pins Continue reading